Joy in the Making

Lancaster, California
United States

Hey there! I'm Shannon and I resin all the things! In 2020 I added sublimation equipment to my studio. I’ll be adding more products from that project soon! Come say hi on Instagram or Facebook!

We are a family business and you are an extension of this family. We appreciate you and look forward to sharing some JOY with you!

When I'm not in my studio making pretty things for your home, I'm being a wife (30 years whoop whoop!) and a mom to five grown kids who still manage to keep me busy, and I love it! Our 22 year old was born with part of her brain missing, and I am also her full time caregiver. 

In 2018 my husband beat cancer. That's the year I realized I needed an outlet. My kids were slowly leaving home to be independent, and as a caregiver, I rarely took time to enjoy something just for me. At the same time, cancer isn't cheap! Our savings shrunk and I wanted to help recoup some of that. As a result, Joy in the Making was born!

As retirement years grow closer, we are gearing up for traveling and taking our products on the road to shows around the country. We both love doing events and combining that with traveling sounds amazing to us! 

Have a blessed day and feel free to message me if you have any questions about our products, or us. 

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